CrossFit Five Cities was established in 2009, with the MISSION of; inspiring individuals to achieve a higher quality of life through functional fitness, proper nutrition and overall health & wellness. Currently owned and operated by Chad Franco along with a highly skilled coaching staff exceeding 25 years of fitness experience. This includes professional CrossFit coaches, certified kids coaches, gymnastic coaches, endurance coaches, self defense coaches, strength coaches, and weightlifting coaches who are passionate about helping you succeed in your fitness journey!


We put a lot of dedication and energy into our full spectrum program. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, we have a place for you!

From a beginner who starts in our On Ramp Program, to the 3 different levels of programming each day for every fitness level to progress and grow, to our Exclusive Program Design for individualized workouts to target your weaknesses and specific goals.

Every one of our group classes offers a specific, varied warmup designed to properly prep your body for each individual workout, an organized, motivating, safe environment during your workout, followed by a proper cool down/stretch post workout.

At CrossFit Five Cities, our focus is "BALANCED" fitness. This includes (but is not limited to), understanding when/why to take rest days in relation to your training days and training volume as well as in relation to your biological and training age, what mobility/stretching/maintenance is and why it's important for your longevity and avoiding injury, and understanding how to get your mind straight/mental focus to be the best athlete you can be!

Is your gym assessing your movement prior to throwing you into group classes? 
Is your gym ensuring injury prevention with their programming for you and/or group classes? 

Outside of our regular group CrossFit classes, we also offer;

  • Exclusive Program Design
  • Private/personal training
  • Skill sessions related to the long list of specialist coaches listed above
  • Strength Program
  • Competitive athlete training programs 

Are you getting what you want out of your fitness journey? If not, come give us a try!

Photo credit: Jr. Olivas Photography