To inspire, educate, and guide individuals throughout their evolving fitness journey.



[The 5 C’s of C5]


We are a community of like minded individuals, bonded through fitness, striving be be the best versions of ourselves possible.


We value consistency with our efforts for betterment, inside, and outside of the gym, for ourselves, and our community.


We understand that true commitment means that we (and you) will continue to do what we said we would do long after the mood we said it in has left us. “Only the committed will thrive”


Courage doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid, it means you don’t let fear stop you. We strive to demonstrate courage, and instill courage in you, through the ongoing development of your confidence.


We are confident in our program, our mindset, and in our ability to help our community realize that you are capable of way more than you believe. We vow to continually strive to develop confidence within every individual in our community.



Crossfit Five Cities (C5) was established in 2009, in a small 800 sqft. space in the Cypress Ridge community. We quickly outgrew the space and relocated to a 2000 sqft. facility in Grover Beach, in late 2010/early 2011. After one year, we outgrew this space and relocated across the parking lot in late 2012, into our current 4000+ sqft. space.

In December of 2018, we officially rebranded our name to C5 FIT to embody our evolved program and service offerings. While we still love CrossFit, it is just one, of the many services that we offer here at the C5 FIT Facility.