The Home of B!RTHF!T Five Cities


We are blessed to have The B!RTHF!T Five Cities Regional Director, Chelsea Muro, in house here at C5 FIT.

Chelsea is the Director of all of our B!RTHF!T programs and operations here at C5 FIT.

The B!RTHF!T Five Cities Mission; to build confidence and strength in the woman taking on motherhood. 

Our program is geared towards women who want to workout safely, and functionally, prior to, during pregnancy, or postpartum. We will cover proper breathing and bracing techniques and how to safely, and efficiently, lift odd objects such as (but not limited to); sandbags, barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells....etc.

These objects will mimic everyday movement mechanics that Mothers perform during their daily function in life, such as; picking up children, grocery bags, and baby seats.

Each class will offer a balance of metabolic conditioning, strength training and stability work.

We meet every woman where they are at in their motherhood journey and tailor the program accordingly.

Whether you are an athlete, or you are new to Fitness, C5 B!RTHF!T is here to guide you on this new journey to a healthy, strong, confident, YOU.