A genuine "Thank You"

During Thanksgiving time my family, like many others, takes turns expressing what we're grateful for, we go around the table and pretty much say the usually things: our families, a roof over our heads, our jobs, and our health. Don't get me wrong these are all wonderful things to be grateful for and I am.

However last week I was given a little "gratitude perspective." It's really all about perspective isn't it?

There is a difference between being grateful for something and being a grateful person. A personal list is a great reminder of the all the things WE "get to do" in our daily lives. But, an outward acceptance of something as small as a compliment can do wonders for both people involved in that brief encounter.

The more we look around us and truly feel grateful for all the amazing blessings that make up our daily lives, the happier life will be.

Still, all lists are incomplete. What does your gratitude list look like? What can be added to grow your own sense of gratitude?

Here are two recent observations by one of our CrossFit Coaches.  Check this out, make a small adjustment and then you will witness your own personal shift. But, you'll need to open your heart and allow it to sink in!

*Observe the power of saying “thank you”.

*Be active by taking credit for your hard work.

It’s been interesting to see lately how exercise friends are constantly complimenting each other about form, weight loss, pr’s, etc. Then the receiver of the compliment plays it down with replies such as “oh no, it wasn’t that great” or “it could be better”.

We can all improve and take credit for our accomplishments by accepting a compliment. It's a great way to do that, and a perfect place to start your new idea of what gratitude looks like.

It’s crucial to take responsibility for how hard you work, accept the observations and compliments from your peers. Who else would you want a pat on the back from anyway?

Try to stop yourself from going to the negative and dig deep to be comfortable replying with “thank you, I have been working so hard for that.”

It may sound simple, but as Coach Kelsey recently noticed, it doesn't happen very often. For the sake of our wonderful family and connection together, try it.

If you see one of your peers do something awesome, give an honest compliment, but even more important be ready to RECEIVE one!!!


Carolyn “CJ” Silas

Personal Coach

(805) 295-9151