Nk Raw Ice Cream (cookbook version)

Nk Raw Ice Cream (cookbook version)

This is the CREAMIEST, TASTIEST and EASIEST ice cream recipe I have created to date! It is one of my special little gems and has not been released to A SINGLE SOUL yet. I thought it would be nice to give our amazing C5’ers a sneak peek into a recipe that is going into my cook book (and happens to be my personal favorite)!

Heaven in a Bite Ice Cream

-1 cup or 1 can organic coconut cream (very important it is CREAM and not milk or oil)

-7-10 organic medjool dates

-2 tbs cacao or cocoa powder (cacao is best but cocoa will work great too)

 OPTIONAL: 1 tsp freshly ground organic coffee beans

 OPTIONAL: 4 tbs organic raw almonds

HOW TO MAKE: Place the coconut cream and medjool dates in a blender. Blend until the dates and cream are smooth and creamy. Add in the cacao powder and coffee beans and blend. Lastly, crush the almonds with a metal spoon to form small pieces and add those in to the mixture by hand. Once all ingredients are mixed, place the batter into an ice cream maker. Follow the directions on your machine. Once done, the ice cream consistency will be similar to soft serve ice cream. If you want a firmer ice cream, simply place it in an airtight freezer container. It will get relatively hard so I recommend to pull out the ice cream 7-10 prior to consumption.

This ice cream is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and GUILT FREE! Did I forget to mention that you can eat this and still meet your weight loss and fitness goals?!

NK Nutritional Tip: Remember to eat and chew your food slowly, Savor every bite! Chewing is what signals to your body “hey we are eating let’s get ready”. The saliva that is created from chewing contains enzymes that are VERY important to proper digestion.