3 tips BW4L Holiday Tip C5

3 tips BW4L Holiday Tip C5

This time of year we have a lot of naughty food temptations. Whether it be decadent fudge, some tasty sangria at a party or warm holiday treats at bed time-the temptations are everywhere!

So, how do you stay healthy and maintain nutritional balance at the same time?

1- DO NOT go to a party hungry! Make sure to eat a properly balanced meal before you go.

2- Bring your favorite dessert or foods to the party that is made with healthy whole foods.

3- Set a goal for weight loss or fitness that must be achieved by January 1st. To help you along the way, have an accountability partner that knows your goal and will be there to celebrate your victory once you reach the goal.

Here is what that looks like for me:

1- Before I go to ANY function, I always eat a meal that makes my heart happy. I am pretty obsessed with soups lately. So, I choose my favorite soup, whip up a batch and eat as much as I want before the party. Notice I said “eat as much as I want”. Usually I will eat a serving and call it good. But when it comes to holiday season pre-party meals, I have a rule, NO RESTRICTIONS on portions of HEALTHY food.  For me not setting a portion restriction is a form of being naughty like all the other party goers.

2- Desserts pretty much are MANDATORY in my home. Whenever I go to ANY function (holiday or not) I make sure to bring my homemade truffles. Those truffles have saved me SO many times!

3- I PURPOSELY choose to compete in January or set a fitness goal that is PUBLIC. For me there is no better way to motivate me and hold me accountable. I have been practicing this for years and when January comes I start the new year off right!

In amazing health and happiness, 

Nicole Kale