The Challenge of getting started


Whether it’s new eating habits, a reconfigured exercise program, a lifestyle change, a move, a new job, a recent marriage, a fresh break-up…Transition isn’t a simple action or occurrence.

No matter what the other side looks like, even when it’s an improvement or better, it isn’t easy to make a significant change or go through a serious life’s transition.

Every CrossFit program begins with the commitment, in your heart, in your mind and I promise, your body will follow. Whether you’re a new exerciser, returning to exercise or just looking for something physical and different, the OnRamp training gets you started. It revs up your engine, teaches you the correct way to do each movement and mentally prepares you for the next phase.

Coming to a class at a CrossFit box is the next step, and in my opinion the most significant in a first timers experience.

In the case of CrossFit Five Cities…it was the first of my many “best steps.” I noticed at the beginning of my journey, besides the talented, professional, thoughtful and conscious coaching staff, the family atmosphere was like none I have ever found before at an exercise facility. Though some of the power lifting, endurance training or gymnastics may be overwhelming or intimidating, the C5 community is what gets you past all of your own personal fears. It was the reason I continued to go back, time and time again until I was comfortable. CrossFit workouts aren’t comfortable, but the space and environment on which you do your WOD’s (workout of the day) must be, otherwise you may not return.

I had never done a power lift in my life.

I had never as an adult, tried to perform a single gymnastic move.

I had never done much of anything except training for my endurance fitness.

When I found CrossFit, I found comfort…I found my home!


Cheers to getting started!


Carolyn "CJ" Silas

Personal Coach


(805) 295-9151