If you competed last weekend and have come into the box this week "assuming" that you were feeling ready to WOD, you've probably experienced what was mentioned last week in our Facebook group; CNS fatigue.

Hopefully NOW you understand why you should take a minimum of 1 week off after a competition. Your return to training (beginning this upcoming Monday), should look something like this;

Monday 75% effort & loadingTuesday 80% effort & loading Wednesday 85-90% effort & loading Thursday RESTFriday 80% effort & loadingSaturday 90% effort & loadingSunday RESTMonday back in action! 

Ideally, post comp, you would take a full week off, spend a week to GRADUALLY return to scaled back training, then on the 3rd week, get back to training as normal (whatever normal is for you the individual). This is how you create longevity in your training, avoid burnout and injury, and continue to progress in your fitness without road blocks (burnout, injury, fatigue, compounding stress....etc).

Unfortunately, there are many athletes and coaches in the industry who do not adopt this type of recovery and it's importance. Just remember, there are reasons to train, reasons to compete, and reasons to recover properly from the two.

Not everyone gets it, and that's okay. As a C5 athlete, you get to choose to learn from the knowledge provided within our program, and in turn, be a stronger, healthier athlete for many years to come!

Remember, RECOVERY is one of the most critical pieces of your Fitness Journey. Confused about the what/when/how of recovery in your training? Don't hesitate to reach out to a C5 Coach to get further details on how recovery should fit into your personal training schedule.

Happy Saturday friends!!