Being good at almost anything in life takes Practice!

The physical component of exercise takes practice.

Staying positive and in the moment takes practice.

Being a thoughtful friend takes practice.

Quality parenting takes practice.

Taking care of yourself takes practice; that one is the most IMPORTANT habit to start!!!

Whether it’s muscle-ups, handstands, climbing a rope or double unders, the cliché is spot on…”practice makes perfect.” Well there may not be such a thing as perfect, but you get my drift.

3-5 minutes a day, at least three days a week, can and will help any skill you are trying to master, or do for the very first time. It works with behavior, eating habits and exercise.

If you’re trying to be more positive every day it only takes a few minutes to get yourself on track.

If you need to stop your bad food choices, that’s a one day at a time practice or even one meal at a time.

If you’d like to get better at one or more of your CrossFit skills this practice works too.

Procrastinating about the new habit is probably everyone’s biggest barrier. Play it like this, take it one hour at a time, one meal at a time, one WOD at a time, one day at a time…Take it easy on yourself too, changing habits and the practice of forming new ones takes patience and motivation. Ask for help, a friend, a coach, someone you can rely on to help you stay accountable.

You’ve got to break through it, push passed the resistance to accomplish your goal, or the first part of it. Take it one step at a time.

Today, resist the temptation to eat something that isn’t good for your body. Compliment rather than criticize. Go to the gym or box and work on one of your skills.

No matter what it is...practice, practice, practice.


Carolyn “CJ” Silas

Personal Coach (805) 295-9151