Happy Thursday C5!! We're over half way through this week of "Blind WODs" and everyone is doing great! One of my favorite quotes of all time;

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail."

It falls right in line with this weeks unknown workouts! Do you show up prepared each day?.......do you have your jump rope, your lifting shoes, your leg protection for rope climbs, the list could go on. Don't set yourself up for failure! Show up prepared to conquer whatever task may be written on that whiteboard.

Are you mentally prepared? Hopefully you're realizing that you don't have to know the exact workout to mentally prepare for it. Be confident in your abilities (no matter what level they are), this gives you the chance to put your body to the test and build your confidence even further! You know how to scale/modify, you know how to run, jump, lift, row, sprint, you know when to push yourself harder and when to pull back. It's all in your arsenal, be confident with that!

Keep up the strong work everyone!

See you at the whiteboard