*We will be having a regular schedule today. veterans-day-2013

Honoring all who served our country (past, present, & future). 

Some of you may have the day off from your day job today.

Some of you may be hitting up some Veterans Day SALES!

Some of you may be having some friends and family over for a BBQ to enjoy your day off.

PLEASE remember; this day is about so much more than that!

There are hundreds of thousands of soldiers who have lost their lives defending the FREEDOM that you and I enjoy everyday. There are thousands of people who mourn the loss of their loved ones whom they've lost fighting for our great country.

Today, don't just be grateful that you have the day off, or that you saved some money on a holiday sale.

Remember that people have died defending the FREEDOM that you are enjoying right this very second.

GOD BLESS our Veterans, our current soldiers, and the FREEDOM that we are blessed with.