Foundation, Life, Sport.........

Where to train, why follow a program, and for how long?

A common quote you may have seen around the C5/C3 community....."What are you training for?" (Thanks Lamont Brown)

This is always where you begin, as a coach or an athlete, what are you training for? Do you want to be balanced (The C5 goal and structure for everyone), do you want to be powerful, fast, have great endurance, are you a beginner, a novice, an advanced competitive level athlete?.........the list can go on.

Here at C5, we understand that EVERYONE is different and EVERYONE has different goals. Different goals = a different training program. This is why we offer 3 levels of programming each day.

Please remember, it does not matter what your current fitness level is, it's a PROCESS to get to the next level. It takes time, consistency, dedication and effort. The more you jump around in programs, the more difficult it becomes for your body to build on the previous training sessions.

When we started the Foundation/Life/Sport programming back in November of this year, we provided a blog post with a description of each program and how it would work. As a reminder; we HIGHLY suggest that you sit in a program for a minimum of 30-60 days to benefit from the aforementioned process that is in the program design.

If you can remember what your personal goal is, I'd be willing to bet that it's not to have an "L" or an "S" written by your name on the whiteboard each day. It's probably more along the lines of becoming more awesome, or getting stronger, or losing weight, or all of the above! All of which require a process found within following a program with consistency. If you want REAL progress, don't worry about which program you're following each day, pick one, stay there for the 30-60 day period and then evaluate your progress before moving on. Doing Life one day, then Sport the next, then Life the next two days, will not speed up your progress. This will throw you off course more than it will help your progress.

Hopefully this helps you stay focused on your personal goal and "why" behind the C5 program design.

Here's to your awesomeness!!