Healthy Life Freeway Exit Sign

Healthy Life Freeway Exit Sign


Whether it's fun, laid back, high stress, low stress, happy, depressing, exhausting, or busy.........we all have one!

It's important to understand how your lifestyle affects your fitness.

Your lifestyle includes how you eat, how you sleep, how you mange stress, how relaxed you are, how much time you "make" for your health & wellness, how much you travel, how you spend your time.....etc.

We could go down a really deep rabbit hole on this topic so in an attempt to simplify things;

  1. If you slept horribly, understand that you're probably NOT going to PR on your snatch that day

  2. If you went out drinking with your friends and made some poor nutrition choices as a result, understand that your fitness performance probably isn't going to be up to par.

  3. If you had an extremely stressful day at work and you are mentally and emotionally drained from it, understand that you may not have a double under PR day.

  4. If you should be drinking 100 ounces of water per day (based on the 50% bw per day for the avg. person suggestion) and you have only had 50 ounces over the last two days, understand that you're mobility probably isn't going to be the best.

  5. If you did not take time to cool down properly after your WOD yesterday, no low intensity walk or bike ride, not foam rolling...etc, understand that you probably aren't going to be fully recovered from yesterdays workout.

This is just a VERY short list of items to be 'aware' of as it relates to your fitness. It's normal to expect to show up at the gym and want to perform well. We all want that! However, you need to also be realistic with yourself and manage your lifestyle accordingly to meet your fitness goals. Or at least be 'aware' when you have not done so. At a minimum, being aware of why you aren't PR'ing on a specific day can do wonders with your fitness expectations.

Are you in this fitness program for fun, for general health & well being, for confidence building, for REAL RESULTS, for competitive goals? There is no 'wrong' answer here, just be aware that whatever the answer is, your lifestyle choices are playing a HUGE role in your personal results.

Make it a great day athletes!!