NK health

We all strive to be our BEST physically and mentally. In order to be our best we NEED goals. Can you imagine a life without goals?! Goals create purpose and purpose is what drives us. We all have different goals but there is one thing that applies to ALL of us. When it comes to our health goals (especially nutritionally speaking), every one of us has a different journey and outcome. Naturally throughout this process we experience success, failure and pressure.

The pressure we place on our health goals is often dictated from outside influence. For some it’s conforming to a specific diet, for others it’s looking like the person on a magazine cover. One thing is certain, at some point we experience disappointment, sadness or frustration.

Your health goals are VERY sacred, private and personal. One of the most important and necessary actions to achieve your health goals starts by aligning your heart with your head. Emotional stress, doubt, self-deprecation and comparing yourself to others cause a tremendous amount of negative reactions in your body.

I understand how difficult it is to change a habit. I understand we feel that nobody understands our situation and our body. I understand that discouragement is debilitating. I understand nutrition is overwhelming and confusing.

However, in order for you to meet your health goals, you must start from the INSIDE out. This means to take your health journey in strides and discover YOUR purpose. Why are you choosing to eat healthy? Why are you working out? Your mind and body work as a whole. If your emotional state isn't well, your physical-self suffers.

Over the next several weeks instead of getting down on yourself because you didn't adhere to your diet goals, didn’t lose the inches you had hoped or didn't meet your athletic goals, try finding a way to give yourself positive affirmations.

Below are some excellent examples of positive affirmations to yourself:

      1- I worked out 5 days this week and pushed through some grueling physical demands that tested my entire being. Last year I could barely run a mile and here I am today crushing a WOD.

      2- I have lost X amount of inches in the last month and I am so proud of my commitment, drive and dedication to being the best me possible.

      3- Today I didn't eat one processed or unhealthy food. I fed my body with whole foods that provided this amazing body with the nutrients it deserves.

      4- I have made such tremendous physical progress and lost body fat. I can’t wait to reward my body with good fuel that feeds my body what it deserves.

      5- My body is BEYOND intelligent. Every day I wake up my body rewards me physically and mentally. For that I am grateful and look forward to the physical transformations my body awards me with!

Remember, YOU have to start from the inside out to truly connect your mind, body and soul. Take it one day at a time, one meal at a time and one workout at a time. Then before you know it you’ve met your health goals!

You are NOT alone in this struggle. Grab a friend or talk to a Coach. Surrounding yourself with individuals that support, believe and guide you towards your health goals is a GREAT way to ensure YOUR success.

Hugs to you for being amazing, driven and committed to being as healthy as humanly possible! :-D