The Journey continues..........

Just like any journey, your individual Fitness Journey will have many bumps in the road, it will change and evolve as you do, there will be hard times along the journey, there will be fun and exciting times. If you're open to it, you can learn and grow from all of it.

As a program designer, I often look at numbers for data. These numbers are often put up on our whiteboard or recorded in a clients logbook. They are compared to past scores/loads/reps/times...etc and analyzed. It is how we develop the C5 program design and ensure your success.

This past week, and scattered throughout the coming weeks, there will be a series of "tests", or workouts that you have completed in the past, so that we can gather data to confirm that our program is working. A program that is designed with a purpose, will deliver results to those who follow it consistently and listen to their coaches on how to approach the workouts and how to receive the correct dose response from that specific days design.

Whether it's a 'sustainable' effort, or and 'all out' effort, whether it's a 5min time cap, a 20min AMRAP, a long set of 2min intervals that get repeated......whichever the case, there is always a method to the madness as they say.

In addition to these numbers/data, there lies the rest of the picture, your lifestyle!

How you eat, how you sleep, your stress levels, your recovery and maintenance, how many days you trained and at what intensity levels.....(to name a few), will all play a role in these "numbers" that get placed on the whiteboard and in log books.

If you truly care about your Fitness Journey, you will log results. Not just numbers, like on today's Bear Complex, but feelings. How heavy did the load feel? What did you eat last night, what did you eat this morning, how did you sleep last night, how were your stress levels yesterday and today coming into the wod......etc. The more you care, the more you will pay close attention to these things. This kind of data is what help you develop into the most awesome version of yourself possible!

If this sounds like too much work to you, maybe you're not ready to track progress. Maybe you're just at the beginning steps of your journey. And that's okay! Just understand that in order to track real progress, you must have data from your past to compare it to. And remember, don't just get stuck on the numbers on the whiteboard, there is so much more to bigger picture of your Fitness Journey!!

Need some direction or help figuring out your personal goals? Please don't hesitate to contact me directly to discuss them!

Make it a great week of Fitness friends!!



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