prog·ress \ˈprä-grəs

1.  the process of improving or developing something over a period of time

It's always exciting to see "progress" take place at C5! Progress in a faster WOD time, a heavier lift, more reps on a technical skilled movement, better body mechanics and movement patterns........etc.

Progress comes in many shapes and sizes. It's not always about the number on whiteboard, there is so much more to "progress" as it relates to your Fitness Journey.

This past weekend, C5 athlete Keri Mann experienced some progress when she took her fitness outside and ran the 10k race at the Miracle Miles for Kids Event. Keri PR'd her previous 10K time by 10 minutes! That is what we call PROGRESS!!!


Keri has been a member with us since 2013. She is a mother of 3 young kids that keep her very busy. With a weightlifting background, she was no stranger to the barbell when she started her Fitness Journey with CrossFit Five Cities. Since that first day, she has continued to progress in her fitness which shows inside and outside of the gym!


We're proud of you Keri!!! Keep up the strong work!!

Have you taken your fitness outside of the gym lately? Or do you just measure it on the whiteboard?

Remember, there's so much more to life and your fitness outside the walls of gym! I'd like to challenge you to take your fitness outside this coming month and test yourself! You might be surprised how the hard work you put into your WODs will transfer over to the outdoor activities you may have been avoiding.

Happy Hump Day C5!