We are so incredibly proud of this crew (minus a couple in the pic)!!!  Here at CrossFit Five Cities, we are constantly coaching our members on the importance of nutrition and the realization that your nutrition is, and always will be, 70% of your results! 

After the 8 week LuRong Paleo Challenge, this crew made some amazing progress! They lost a grand total of 514lbs, 231.75 inches and shaved over 1 hour and 15 minutes off of WOD times!! WOW!!! Now that's what we call progress!!! 


30 situps

rest 1min

25 situps

rest 30sec

20 situps


within 15min, build to a heavy, 3rep TnG squat clean (LET PERFECT FORM & SPEED DICTATE LOAD)

then use 80% for;


12min EMOM:

-2 TnG squat cleans (80%)

-20 unbroken double unders *ONE attempt ONLY