Over the next several weeks we will have a blog series that breaks down the nutrient ESSENTIALS for a perfectly balanced meal. This will start with an interactive blog. Why? This is the best way to apply common nutrition principles to each person’s own unique and independent body.

      Common principles are interesting and educate us as a whole. However, using those common principles is best utilized when we realize they should be considered unique for EACH and EVERY person! Applying a nutrition substance plan to you and your setting can have a vastly different result for someone else which is why knowing you and YOUR BODY is essential for nutritional success.

      Customized nutrition allows for “aha” moments by connecting dots, or retaining information as the content becomes meaningful to OUR OWN bodies. Asking questions, thinking and having interactive dialogue creates a solid learning foundation.  

      During this series we will discuss how to create YOUR perfectly balanced meal through personalized protein, carbohydrates, fats and much more. Just be sure to keep an open mind because the components discussed for meal planning may or may not be specific to YOU. There is no one meal that fits all!  With that in mind let’s get our nutritional juices flowing…

Common Discussion Questions

- What do you think a perfectly balanced meal is?

- Do you eat based on your activity?

- What nutrients does your body need?

- Do you eat for prevention? (Hereditary/Genetic Disease, etc.)

- How do you eat for energy?

- Should you feel full after each meal?

- What do you feel are the key foods your body needs to be nourished properly?  

      These questions are simply a few examples to get you thinking about balancing meals according to the nourishing demands for YOUR body. Some more in depth things to consider are:

  • Activity

    • Activity levels, both mental and physical, play a large part with your meal planning. (Think eating around activity.)

    • Emotional State

      • Mental or physical stresses impact your emotional state. In turn, this influences how you should nourish your body.

      • Age

        • It is not the number that matters but how your body operates differently at various ages and stages.

        • Male or female

          • Nutritional needs differ for men and women

          • Medical or physical conditions

            • Remember the body works as a system. If you have a condition, it will dictate what nutritional needs you have.

            • Profession

              • Is your job:

                • Mentally stressful

                • Emotionally draining

                • Physically demanding

                • Sedentary (Etc.)

  • Food Allergies

    • Such as a delayed food allergy or food intolerance

      All of the aforementioned impede the body’s functioning in numerous ways.

      I can’t say it enough: We need to understand the demands of what OUR OWN body’s nutritional needs are in order to optimize results! YOU need a plan that suits YOU.

      So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get our minds thinking and talking about it. I welcome you to please email me at nicole@beyondweight4life.com or post your questions/reply to the blog post. Asking questions and scrutinizing your own lifestyle and health is an investment in you. That is the best investment you can make and it is what I am here for. Over the next several days I would love, love, love questions!  ☺

Listen to your body: THE BODY NEVER LIES!

Let’s make tomorrow AMAZING,

Nicole Wiggin

Beyond Weight-4-Life

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