Most of us are always seeking ways to be the best parent, partner, friend, brother, wife, husband, and sibling that we can be. Let’s try something new with the people closest to us, and it’s going to be a game changer. When you do this ONE daily action you’ll get a deeper connection with most everyone in your life.


So what is an appreciation?


Recognition of the quality, and value of another person, a positive valuation of their existence or certain traits they possess and behaviors they have done for you or someone else.

This is actually different then showing gratitude. When you give an appreciation it actually goes deeper in a way that communicates how much what they did or said truly meant to you.

This subtle shift from gratitude to appreciation involves being more present  - more thoughtfully aware and active in reflecting on the reasons we feel grateful about something or someone.

Here’s an example, “I am grateful for the amazing mother I have. But, I can take that further by giving her an appreciation of how I love that she brings humor, great movies and laughter into my life and it makes me feel alive and joyful. I have moved from thankfulness to a more conscious awareness of what ways I appreciate her.

By giving the people we love a daily (yes everyday) appreciation, we are making the world much more full of beauty and warmth, from our hearts.

It’s not easy to do, especially if the people don’t live in your house and you don’t see them everyday. But, the effort will affect you both on a deeper level. A pet, a friend, a co-worker, a coach, someone you work out with at the box or gym, a partner, a neighbor…it doesn’t have to be the same person each time either.

I value the people who take the time each week to read my blog and share with me how it touches them. It makes me feel good and validates my time and energy, thank you! (That felt great!)


Carolyn ”CJ” Silas

Personal Coach

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