There is no "i" in team, but there is "team" in CrossFit

We all have our physical goals…in CrossFit we try to get better all the time.

Is it only about us as individuals?

When it comes down to it, yes, while you’re working out, during the WOD, in a rep, doing a burpee, climbing the rope, jumping a box, lifting a barbell, pushing a sled, tossing a wallball, rowing, running…

We don’t compete with each other on a daily basis, unless it's a partner WOD.

But, we do lift each other up.

We encourage the best in our peers. We support rest, or Z1. We respect those that honor their bodies during rehab or an injury of some sort.

CrossFit IS just you against you.

But, when it comes to overall performance, at least at C5, everyone’s individual success means a heck of a lot to all!

In other sports there’s someone there to catch a pitch, set a screen, make a block, throw the pass, and substitute for an injured or tired teammate. That's unity, that's working as a squad, that's an example of shared goals, that's collaboration, and that is a "team."

With CrossFit, it’s you and the barbell, you and the kettlebell, you and the jump rope, you and the wall ball, you and the rower, you and the rack, you and the jump rope. But, it’s actually not just “you,” look around, your team is there, in the box, pushing for you, sharing energy, encouraging you and lifting you up for that last and final rep.

Take a minute to enjoy this, because there IS a team in CrossFit, and it's a beautiful thing... notice it, accept it, honor it and celebrate it. There will be a moment or a thousand moments when you'll need your team.

On three CrossFit...one, two, three, CROSSFIT, CROSSFIT, CROSSFIT!


Carolyn "CJ" Silas

Personal Coach



(805) 295-9151