1. the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. evolutionofpaleo1

"Evolution" as it relates to your fitness is a pretty AWESOME thing to witness as a coach! The C5 staff watches each of you evolve each week, each month, and for those who are committed to their fitness journey, each passing year.

We want to remind you that we are here to ensure you have the best, most efficient and productive fitness journey you can. This is where Exclusive Program Design comes in.

Exclusive Program Design is your own personal program, designed by the C5 Head Coach to specifically target your individual weaknesses and goals. There are many factors that go into designing an exclusive program and there are several options to these designs. It can look as simple as a single day of auxiliary work to focus on strengthening your upper body, lower body, balance, technical skills.....etc. Or, it can be as complex as a 7 day per week custom program. All that can be done within our walls during any class time or any open box. The level of involvement, design, cost, and commitment all depend on your individual goals and values.

Some of you may have seen some of our competitive athletes and/or serious athletes off to the side doing their own thing during class times; this is Exclusive Program Design. These are people with focused goals that they want to achieve and have realized that they are ready for the next, extra step outside of regular class programming to get them the desired results. You don't have to be an elite level athlete, stop coming to classes, or be interested in competing. The only requirement is that you desire to be better.

If you think you might be ready for the next level of fitness or are ready to focus on some specific areas in your fitness, contact chad@crossfitfivecities.com to schedule a consultation and assessment to see if Exclusive Program Design is for you!