What’s the payoff?



When you run, jump, lift, stretch, row, bike, swim…how do you know what it’s doing for you physically, but even more mentally? It’s all about how you feel, what you’re looking for and how you set your own personal goals.


If you workout to stay in shape, cool!

If you work out to get more fit, cool!

If you work out to compete, cool!

If you work out to eat whatever you want, cool, maybe!

If you work out to win, cool!

We each have a strategy, a plan, a goal, a hope, a dream in our fitness worlds. What it looks like to you, is up to you and you alone!

A payoff is a bit different than a goal. You build up a wealth account of hard work and then there’s a moment in your fitness life when you pay something off. Do you have one of those in your fitness future? It might be a good idea.


Let’s try it again…not an easy question, but what’s your payoff?

It’s something to think about. Whether it’s a competition, a PR, fulfilling a fitness goal, getting stronger, losing weight, living longer…

It’s important in your active lifestyle to recognize your own personal payoff. Sometimes it might even be a good idea to write it down. This is all about holding yourself accountable. It’s really just for you, to keep track of your wealth account.

The payoff can feel amazing, taste delicious and be awesome. It’s figuring out what your own personal payoff is that can be challenging.

Plan a payoff, pick your payoff, plot a path to your payoff!

Get it?

Yeah, you got this!


Carolyn “CJ” Silas

Personal Coach

(805) 295-9151