Time struggle Man

Time struggle Man

      The one thing in the world we never seem to have enough of is time. Snacks and meals tend to be slapped together between work, school, kids and life.  Although most of us try to make the best nutritional choices, frequently snacks we think are healthy actually aren’t healthy or nutrient rich. This is not because we make an intentional unhealthy choice, but because of how misleading food labels are. More times than not, the front of a package highlights one or two amazing benefits but fails to broadcast what the actual ingredients are. If there are more than 3-4 ingredients, and an item has a lengthy shelf life, chances are it is NOT a healthy choice. Thankfully there are a lot of healthy and nutritious snacks that are still easy and quick. This will fuel our bodies with excellent nutrients that are 1000% healthy!

Here are five EASY PEASY SNACK recipes that take little time to prepare:

  • Sliced Apple and Raw Nut Butter: Purchase a bag of organic apples and a raw nut butter of your choice. (Raw nut butters are cheapest at Trader Joe’s or California Fresh). Slice your apple and place 2 tbs. nut butter in a portable container.

  • Celery Sticks w/ Raw Nut Butter: Purchase a stalk of organic celery and a raw nut butter of your choice. Slice the celery and place 2 tbs. of raw nut butter on the inside. These can be made several days in advance.

  • Raw Trail Mix:They sell pre-packaged Raw Trail Mix at Trader Joe’s and at California Fresh. This snack is a great balance of fat, carbs and protein for a super-fast and convenient snack on the go!

  • Hard Boiled Eggs with Canadian Bacon: Hard boil some farm fresh eggs. Once eggs are cooled, peel the shell off. Then slice them in half. Slice the Canadian bacon in strips and wrap it around the sliced halves of hardboiled egg. These can be made for a week in advance.

  • LETTUCE WRAPPED SURPRISE: Purchase Romaine Lettuce or Butter Leaf Lettuce. Take the leaves and stuff them with a healthy meat of your choice and sprinkle with some Celtic sea salt. Pierce the middle with a toothpick to hold all ingredients in place. These can be made 3 days in advance.

Cheers to Healthy Snacks!

Nicole Wiggin

Beyond Weight-4-Life