w/in 10min, build to a heavy 3rep TnG power snatch


5 sets:

30sec AMRAP:

-3 TnG power snatch (80%)

-AMRAP lateral burpee box jump overs (24/20)

*rest 2:30 b/w rounds

rest 7min

5 sets:

30sec AMRAP:

-5 push press (95/65)

-AMRAP air squats

*rest 2:30 b/w rounds



1. Move fast to obtain heavy 3rep. Focus on speed of movement.

2. score is AMRAP reps each round

3. 90-95% effort each set, push hard!

4. modify accordingly to ensure you get to amrap movements each set

5. Ensure you can move through push press unbroken and fast; should be under 10 seconds.


Do you hook grip?