I walked into a local pharmacy yesterday evening to pick up a couple items, (this was NOT one of them) only to run across this disturbing refrigerator. Displayed so organized and welcoming with the sign on top; "FITNESS DRINKS".

I literally LOL'ed when I read it! Are you kidding me!?

This is just one of a million examples of how twisted the marketing companies are in our society today. I'm not a certified nutritionist, but the last time I checked, there is NO WAY in the world that a can or carton filled with chemicals, artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners is good for your Fitness. The only thing in this display that could help your Fitness, are the 3 bottles of water on the bottom right to hydrate your body. Thank goodness they at least put that in there!

It disturbs me so bad that so many people in our community are TRYING so hard to achieve their goals, and then you're confronted with the confusion of things like this.

"It's near the health food isle, it was labelled "Fitness Drink", it said "all natural" on the label, the label says it will fuel my performance"............the list can go on with the down right lies that marketing companies can somehow get away with putting on their labels.

The moral of the story; marketing agencies are in business to make money. They are NOT in business to care for your health! Please don't believe everything you see/read on labels. It's unfortunate, but it's our current reality. You just can't trust it!

Don't hesitate to reach out to me personally if you have any confusion with label reading, what you should or shouldn't eat, and what is good for your "FITNESS" and what isn't!

Make it a GREAT week of FITNESS everyone!!