There have been some questions recently regarding our Foundation/Life/Sport program that we implemented last year. Even some of you fresh out of On Ramp, get eager to move forward into progressions you may not be ready for just yet.

As a little refresher, you can review some details below;

Here at CrossFit Five Cities, we understand that everyone is different and each of us has our own, individual goals. It’s near impossible to have a “one-size-fits all” fitness program. Scaling and modifying randomized workouts, day in and day out, will only get you so far.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone in our program gets results, and gets them safely through proper progression. This is why we have developed the 3 program levels within our programming/daily workouts. Each program level (described below) takes place at any and all of our regularly scheduled group classes.

This gives you, the athlete, the option to choose a program at any group class time that meets your current fitness level and goals. Each program offers a balanced fitness progression, frequent testing, and room to grow during your individual fitness journey.

Wherever you begin, we HIGHLY recommend staying in that program for a 60-90 day period and then evaluating where to go next. Jumping around from program to program will only slow your progress.

You can read further detail by clicking here