15.3 is now behind us. While it was frustrating for many people who didn't have a muscle up or didn't get their first one, it was also a learning experience and an eye opener for those who want to compete in this sport. Having skills such as muscle ups, double unders...etc, is just part of the long list of skills needed to play in this fitness game! Your C5 coaching staff is here to help you achieve any and all of your goals. All you have to do is reach out and be ready to invest your time and energy  to get better.

On a positive note, C5 only had 2 people who completed a muscle up during last years OPEN. The WOD was different, and the ring muscle ups came at the end of the WOD, but there were still only 2 athletes who could execute them.

This year, we had 12 athletes complete more than 7 muscle ups!!! That is a HUGE success rate after one year of training for our community! 7 males and 5 females in our C5 community have gotten into (or beyond) the second round of muscle ups this year!!

We are VERY proud of all of you who have tried your hearts out this year so far!!

Time to shake off 15.3 and start planning for 15.4!!! Only 2 WODS left!

Make it a great week C5!!!