Today I would like to give thanks to the C5 Coaching Staff.

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This organization would NEVER be what it has evolved into today without each of you on this TEAM!

There is so much passion, talent, character, and overall quality in this TEAM of Coaches here at C5 and I am proud to have each of you on the TEAM!

At C5, we feel that there is a HUGE separator between a "trainer" and a "Coach". I am proud to say that everyone on our Staff is a "Fitness Coach", who genuinely care about you and your goals, about continuing their own personal fitness education and journey, and about helping everyone in our community succeed safely.

You can read more on our individual coaches by clicking here.

If you get a chance today (or anytime), be sure to thank a C5 Coach for their commitment to helping you achieve your Fitness Goals!

Make it a great week of Fitness friends!