We talk about it daily around C5.....




  1. a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.

What does this mean exactly? I mean, I went home and drank a beer and relaxed on the couch after my workout........is that recovery??

Short answer, NO!

From your first On Ramp Program here at C5 to the current day, we refer to everyone as an 'athlete'. Whether you feel that you are an athlete or not, you're expecting your body to perform like one each day you come workout with us. This in turn, means that you need to understand how to RECOVER like an athlete. Are you expecting to come back the following day and hit it hard again?, then immediate recovery becomes even more critical.

So where to start?

Well, a good place to start is cooling down properly. We can go deep down the rabbit hole of foam rolling, stretching, nutrition, which types of movements to utilize during your cool down, post workout nutrition (immediate and delayed)........the list can go on.

For starters, try following the simple rule of; "Don't lay down, cool down." Go for a walk, ride an AirBike, row, stretch and/or a combo of all those options. Elite level athletes, and olympians typically cool down for twice the amount of time of the high intensity effort. We realize you have a life outside of your fitness and you don't always have the time for a proper cool down, but try your best to make a 5-10min cool down effort moving forward. We promise you will notice a difference in your recovery and overall performance!!

More to come on helpful recovery methods in the coming months.