15min GOAT work

What's GOAT work?  

GOAT: a movement that you hate, you aren't proficient at…..or both (the typical answer).

We all have movements that we really hate to see on the whiteboard…..whether it's hand stand pushups, muscle ups, the elusive double unders, or snatches……it's different for us all. The only way you can get better at your weaknesses, is to practice them. For the next 6 weeks, we will be working on our "goats" for 15min on Friday's. Look at it like your own 15min of open box to work on the skills that you need to focus on. Just like all movements, especially the technical ones, there is a progression to practicing and learning them efficiently. Be sure to discuss with your coaches the best "plan of attack" for your progressions. 

Not sure which movements to start with? Choose your top 3 from this list and start with those:

1. Double unders

2. Chest to bar pullups

3. Toes to bar

4. Box jumps

5 Snatches

6. Thrusters

7. Deadlifts

8. Wall balls

9. Muscle ups (you must first be proficient at chest to bar pull-ups)

10. Burpees 


Mobility: calves, ankles


Within 15min, build to a heavy 3rep hang squat clean, then use 65% for;



-hang squat cleans (65%)

-lateral box jump overs

*8min time cap


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