It's always so bittersweet when good friends move on to the next step in their lives. We are losing two great athletes, friends, and members of the C5 community. Kevin & Shawna will be moving up to San Jose this weekend to start the next chapter in their lives. The two of you will be missed!!  


Come join the going away WOD with Kevin & Shawna at the 615pm class tonight. 


Mobility; T-spine, ankles


Within 20min, build to a heavy snatch complex;

1 snatch grip deadlift + 1 squat snatch + 1 hang squat snatch + 1 OHS = 1 Complex (TnG, do not drop barbell)


3min AMRAP:

-burpee box jump overs

rest 2min

3min AMRAP:

-wall balls