Making a difference in the community……..


At C5 Kids Klub, we are continually teaching the importance of teamwork and encouraging each other. It's always great to get feedback from outside of our program when our kids take what they've learned here, and apply in their daily lives!

Camrynn Muro, age 11, has been part of our program since it began in July of this year. Here is what her PE teacher told her mother, Chelsea Muro;

"Camrynn is always the one to encourage other students in PE, especially the last ones to finish. Last week Camrynn finished her run and decided to continue running with a girl who was really struggling. The girl ended up finishing her run within the 10 minute time cap for the time ever!"

"If teamwork and encouraging others was all Cam ever learned from C5 Kids Klub, I'd be happy" said Camrynn's mom, and C5 athlete, Chelsea Muro. 

Leading by example. Strengthening the next generation. 

If you know of someone ages 10-14yrs. old that need some positive leadership, encouragement and an education on fitness in their lives, please contact us and get them enrolled in our Kids Klub Program asap!