The 2015 CrossFit Games Season has arrived!! 

Registration for the 2015 CrossFit OPEN began last Thursday. There have been several questions throughout the community in regards to the OPEN; Why should I participate? What if I don't desire to be competitive in this sport? Will I benefit from the OPEN? What if I can't do the movements or loads as prescribed (Rx)?.......just to name a few.

Short answer: EVERYONE can benefit from being pushed outside of their comfort zone! This is just what the OPEN will provide.

The atmosphere is different, the motivation, inspiration, efforts and energy is increased throughout the box. It's an exciting time of year for us! We honestly don't know what to 'exactly' expect this year as this will be the first year CrossFit HQ is offering a 'scaled/modified' version of the OPEN. This just solidifies that ANYONE and EVERYONE can participate. This could mean we will see more technical movements and heavier loads at the Rx level, it could mean that those who choose to participate at the scaled/modified level, won't get pushed outside of their comfort zone as much, it could mean that nothing changes and we see the same style of WODs as previous years but you're just allowed to scale if desired. Whatever the changes bring, we are still excited the season is here and excited for those who choose to participate.

The only requirements; be willing to give your BEST effort each week and have a desire to better yourself, physically and mentally. If you can check those two off the list, follow the link below!

You can get registered by clicking here

OPEN WODs will be done on Fridays at any class. It will be the C5 class program on Fridays for the 5 week period. If you can't make it to one of our 6 class times to get it done, there will be an option to make it up on Saturdays at 12pm by scheduling with the C5 staff.