Letting go…

We all have conscious and sub conscious programs that we use, whether we know it or not, to guide us on how we live our lives. Some come from childhood, friends, family, teachers and life experiences. Our parents have a bit to do with these programs as well.

It’s up to us, as grown-ups and adults, to decide if we’re going to continue living with these belief systems and habits. Sometimes we may not even know we’ve got them running us in one direction or the other. Consciously we can rationalize our behaviors, we can find logic in the manner in which we make choices. But, subconscious thoughts, programs, patterns, habits and behaviors are a different animal. These are the ones that are much more difficult to acknowledge or change.

The conscious programs controlling our lives are what we all can see each day, feel at certain moments and react to at any given time. However, the subconscious ones are pretty darn tricky! Digging deep to clear away the old habits takes a lot of time, energy, and courage; unfortunately, it will hurt at times.

We can say the same about our everyday lives, as we do our healthy and fit lifestyles. The process is the same, but the challenges quite different. What keeps us from finding our life’s “amazing,” can also help prevent us from attaining our fitness “amazing” too.

If we face our life challenges head on, bust through our blocks and renew our positive outlook, life can be extra fantastic and wonderful. It’s not easy, but it’s completely possible, I promise!

You've gotta start somewhere…and you CAN do it, you CAN make changes, you CAN clear your past programs and open up your world to beautiful experiences, a life full of love and laughter. Your first step…opening your heart and preparing yourself for whatever comes with facing your issues. Once you clear it out, step by step, your heart, soul, body and mind will all continue to grow forward and all goals, life, health and fitness ARE a reality.


Do it, see it, face it, clear it and then live it...live your AMAZING!



Carolyn “CJ” Silas

Personal Coach

(805) 295-9151