Today is the first day of the new "C5 Strength Program" begin offered at CrossFit Five Cities! The class begins at 530pm on Tuesday and Thursday and at 9am on Saturdays. You can find more info and details on how the program will work below.


Starting December 2nd, we will be starting a new strength program for those of you seeking solely strength building in lieu of strength & conditioning. This will be a shorter more intensive program than the previous "barbell club" that some of you attended. Each cycle will be 3 days a week for 4 weeks. Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 pm and one training day on Saturday at 9:00 am. The classes will be roughly 2 hours long. These sessions will be coached by our strength specialists Jon Howard and/or Sunny Howard. 

The goal with the 4 week program is to allow athletes to commit for a short time, without having the long term commitment of a 10-12 week program. We understand that everybody has a life but if you’re willing to commit to 1 month of training, you’ll see huge growth in your strength. Due to the volume and intensity of this program, you will NOT be allowed to attend regular C5 classes during your 30 day (or potentially 60 day) strength cycle. You will be expected to follow this strength program only for the 30 day cycle which will have forced rest days for you to recover from the 2hr lifting sessions. REAL strength results are built with proper recovery and your understanding on why this is required.

The program will be 4 weeks long with an optional second cycle at the conclusion of the first 4 week program. The first program is designed to build a solid foundation for strength training. The second program will be more specific with a emphasis on Olympic lifting, speed, and explosive strength. Athletes are required to take 1 month off after the second consecutive cycle. You can reconvene into C5 CrossFit classes at this time.

Both programs require a lot of work from coaches and athletes, because of this it is a requirement that athletes complete 90% of the training days (or allowed to miss 1 day), if athletes miss more than 1 day, they will have to enroll in the following month.

Currently the only prerequisite for attending the program is that athletes have completed the On-ramp program, or have been crossfitting for over 1 year. Athletes are expected to know the following movements; back squat, front squat, overhead squat, the cleans (squat, power, hang), the snatches, push press, press, and deadlift. Athletes are not expected to have perfect form but must be willing to push themselves in the lifts.