Pushing through…


We all have blocks, things that come up in our lives to stop us from getting what we want. Whether it’s a nagging injury, a chronic injury, an emotional past program or simply procrastination. Breaking through, pushing through is not easy, but it feels so good when we do!

The sense of accomplishment, the glory we feel when we get to the other side and the deep sense of pride we experience is worth every moment, every struggle, & every negative thought.

But how, how do we break through those barriers, the walls that prevent us from success?

Start by breathing, a deep long peaceful heart centering breath. It may be uncomfortable or sound cheesy to you at first, but try it. It’s such an easy way to bring our hearts to a calm and relaxed space.

If you need to break it down, try this:

Inhale for four counts… Hold it for seven…

Exhale slowly for eight counts.

After a cycle or two, it automatically puts you in a peaceful space.

Begin there, push through the resistance with breath, it works, I promise. Use this at work, at home, in conflict, in challenges, while struggling…anytime you need to push through.

And you’ve got to start somewhere!

Carolyn “CJ” Silas



(805) 295-9151


You got this!