Nutrition blog post #5




Between hectic schedules, family time and life in general, finding the time to cook and grocery shop can be difficult. We don’t always have time prepare healthy meals. If you ever find yourself eating fast food, a meal-replacement bar, or grabbing the quickest food option, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The great news is there are numerous meals that are heathy, easy to prepare and can be done in 15 minutes or less! All of the ingredients on this list can be purchased at Trader Joe’s. Here are several of my favorite meals that you can whip up in a snap!


Smoothie on the Go

Serves 1 person

2-3 cups spinach (any leafy greens are good)

½ small apple

1 small frozen banana

1-2 tbs. raw almond butter

2 tbs. hemp seeds

A few splashes of coconut water or coconut milk for desired consistency.

Instructions: Blend in blender until creamy, and VOILA you have a power breakfast in about 5 minutes!


In a Snap Roll-Ups

Serves 2-3 people

About 12 leaves of Romaine Lettuce (fresh, local and organic is always best) washed thoroughly.

Pesto Spread:

1 large head of basil (if you don’t like basil, cilantro is tasty too!)

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil or ½ cup soaked raw cashews

¼ cup coconut milk

1 garlic clove

A sprinkle of Celtic sea salt to taste

2-3 tbs. water

Place all the pesto ingredients in your blender or food processor until you get your desired consistency (should be thicker like a spread).


You can use any meat of your choice. My favorite is ground bison (mainly because it cooks quickly). If you don’t eat meat, eggs are a great blend also.

Sliced tomatoes

Sliced purple onion (thinly sliced is best)


Take the lettuce leaves, open them up then spread the pesto sauce and place the meat and veggies on top. Place all the ingredients as close to the inner part of the leaves as you can. Sometimes I use double the leaves so I can fold it around better (especially because I tend to over stuff these). Fold each side and place a toothpick through the middle to close it (I just place mine in a to-go glass container and fold leaves as I eat them). I make about a dozen of these at a time in 15 minutes. They will last in the refrigerator for two days. If left longer than two days the lettuce leaves get soggy. 


Popeye Salad

1 bundle of spinach and 1 bundle of romaine lettuce (any green leaves will do)

½ cup alfalfa sprouts

2-3 sliced roma tomatoes

¾ cup finely chopped raw cauliflower (adds crunch)

¼ to ½ cup raw slivered almonds (Trader Joes are inexpensive and tasty!)

1 large diced avocado

4-6 hardboiled eggs or any meat of your choice (the meat takes a little longer to prepare than 15 minutes)


½ cup of extra virgin olive oil (raw coconut oil is great too)

1 tsp. of raw apple cider vinegar

2 tbs. raw honey (the kind that you can’t see through in the jar)

A small sprinkle of Celtic sea salt

Place all the ingredients in a bowl and use your hand held mixer or a whisk and mix until smooth. If it’s too thick you can add a sprinkle of water until you reach your desired consistency.

Instructions: Wash all vegetables thoroughly. Cut the vegetables up and place all the ingredients into a large salad bowl. Pour the dressing on top and toss the salad.


Mango Ice Cream

Serves Two

2 cup frozen organic mangoes

¾ cup coconut milk

2 tbs. vanilla bean powder (if you don’t have vanilla bean powder, 1 tbs. of organic vanilla extract works too)

Instructions: Blend all the ingredients in blender until smooth and creamy, and BAM you have ice cream!

At Beyond Weight-4-Life we understand how life gets in the way. We are VERY excited to share these recipes with you. Over time, as you get comfortable with the recipes, you will be able to add and modify ingredients to use various foods you enjoy. It is important that you like and look forward to your meals, not dread them. Life is too long to eat meals you don’t look forward too!

Hope You Enjoy!




1min AMRAP: row for distance  

1min rest

1min AMRAP: toes to bar

1min rest

1min AMRAP: lateral burpee box jump overs

1min rest

1min AMRAP: kb swings (53/35)

1min rest

1min AMRAP: row for distance

1min rest

1min AMRAP: toes to bar

1min rest

1min AMRAP: lateral burpee box jump overs

rest 3min

repeat in reverse


3 sets:

45sec plank (front)

45sec plank (left)

45sec plank (right)


1. 80-90% effort on amraps