1. forward or onward movement toward a destination.
We've seen A TON of progress within our community over this past year! Not just in physical appearance, but in mental strength as well. It's so awesome to witness each of you walking into the box with your head held higher, your face glowing with confidence and happiness, and your continued desire to become better with each passing workout!
Remember, FITNESS is a journey, not a destination. We don't just show up to the throne of FITNESS and have it forever. We have to continue working and sharpening the skills we have gained. We are all at different places in our own personal journey and sometimes it's tough to have the patience it takes to achieve some of our personal goals.
While you continue this journey of awesomeness, don't forget to look back at where you started every now and then, just as a reminder. It's easy to forget where we started the farther down the road we get.
Keep up the STRONG work C5!!