In the broad fitness industry, whether it's a CrossFit box, an Olympic lifting gym, a Power lifting gym, a body building gym, a globo gym, a garage gym......you will typically find many barbells. All with a different purpose.

We currently have 3 different sized barbells in our facility. One of which we will be changing the way we refer to it.

For simplicity purposes with CrossFit related workouts and loading (i.e.: 95/65), CrossFit HQ has always referred to mens bars (45lb) and women's bars (35lb). In the Olympic lifting world, everything is referred to in Kilograms. 20kg mens bar, 15kg women's bar, 10,15,20,25kg plates.

If you haven't noticed lately, we've had some new equipment filter into the C5 facility. Some of which has been new barbells. We now have a total of (9) 15kg women's bars. These bars that were previously referred to as a 35lb, actually weigh 33lbs. In case you didn't know; 1kg = 2.2 lbs.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 10.13.28 PM

Wait.....what?! You mean all this time I've only been lifting 103# and not 105#?!

Yes, that is exactly what we mean. It's become a bit confusing for some people who need to know exactly what weight they're lifting vs. those in the community (in and out of C5) who just follow the CrossFit industry standards of referring to the loads as they relate to the 35# bar (i.e. 65#, 75#, 85#....etc.)

Beginning today, all women's barbells will be referred to as their "actual" weight. You will see it reflected in our programming as well (95/63, 115/73....etc). We have decided that we would rather our community be educated on the equipment they are using and the "actual" loads you are lifting.

We understand that some of you who already struggle with barbell math may not jump for joy on this change. But we feel that it will only help your awesomeness moving forward!

Make it a great week of Fitness everyone!!