What, where and when are we most loyal? Family, friends, work, money...

Maybe it’s being on a team for a long time or working with the same people for years.

Seeing the same people at the gym, the same time everyday for years creates loyalty.

We grow a closeness, sometimes unspoken and we develop a wall of protection around our group, we guard those we are loyal too!

What does the word “loyalty” mean to you?

Is it being available at any moment for someone or yourself?

Is it showing support for someone close to you?

How about being a constant in someone’s life…

Encouraging others?

Being at special events for people you are loyal to…

Sharing celebrations with people you feel loyalty towards...

Sharing sadness together…

Being loyal to loved ones and close friends regularly enriches our lives, gives us good feelings and warm relationships to last a long time, a lifetime.

How do we show our loyalty nowadays?

*Try being present in conversation, or your time together.

*Avoid your media when you spend time with people.

*Look people in the eyes.

*Offer a genuine hug when appropriate.

*Listen without interrupting.

*Give suggestions when requested.

*Listen with an open heart and an open mind.

*Show up to important life events.

*Make a donation to someone’s fundraiser that means a lot.

*Ask about the well being of kids, relatives and pets. (stick around to hear the answers)

Are you there and loyal even when things are tough or going badly for yourself or someone else?

Reshape your idea of what loyal can be. Be stingy about who you are loyal to, it feels awesome for both of you!


Carolyn “CJ” Silas

Personal Coach

(805) 295-9151