What Gets Measured, Gets Improved


"What Gets Measured, Gets Improved"...

In the fitness world most of us will think of our last PR, benchmark WOD, or our bodyweight when we hear statements like that. 

But what about measuring things like your ability to pace a workout, mobility, and balance? You know.. the things we work on EVERY WEEK here at C5. 

Are there ways to measure your ankle, hip, and shoulder flexibility? Of course! 

Can you measure how much your work capacity is improving? You bet! 

Can you measure whether or not the imbalance between your right and left side is being addressed? For sure!

In fact, there are hundreds of tests and assessments that can be done for just about everything as it relates to your fitness.

Why Measure? 

There are SO many reasons that measuring and assessing your fitness can help you reach your goals. But here are a few of the biggest: 

1) Without a proper assessment you can't identify and quantify your improvements. 

2) Without a proper assessment you can't define what is or isn't contributing to your results.

3) Seeing quantified results encourages you to keep working hard and inspires those around you. 

4) Without an assessment you risk wasting time and effort spent in the wrong direction, working on things that won't deliver your desired outcome. Regular assessments make sure that the time you spend working on your fitness will yield the highest possible return.

What Should I Measure? 

At the very least, you should be logging your results from each class WOD. Throughout the year you'll experience a variety of tests. Your past results will dictate your future approach to those tests. 

You can also meet with a C5 coach about receiving a full fitness assessment. A C5 assessment will assess your body composition, strength, movement patterns, and work capacity. Each assessment is customized based on your goals as an individual, your age and how long you've been training.

If you're interested in getting a comprehensive fitness assessment, email info@crossfitfivecities.com and we'll set up a time to chat. 

Have a Great Day!