Excuses or Results; you can only choose one

One of our very first slogans here at C5; 

"Excuses or Results; you can only choose one"

It still stands as one of my favorite quotes. It's VERY simple, direct, and black & white. It stands true not only in Fitness, but LIFE in general. 

Ultimately, it's YOUR choice if you want to make success happen or not, in any endeavor in this life. 

Here at C5, we have members of all shapes and sizes, all age ranges from 9yrs old, all the way up to 75. We have the full spectrum of athletic levels from very deconditioned folks, all the way up to our competitive athletes who have been in competitive sports (to some degree) their entire lives. We have mothers, fathers, CPA's, doctors, nurses, police officers, fire fighters, engineers, students.........the list could go on for miles. 

One unfortunate thing that we (and any gym) see here as well is the elusive group of folks who sometimes choose excuses over results. The list of "excuses" can go on for miles; kids, work, dogs, lack of sleep, motivation, transportation.....etc. 

One thing I LOVE to witness month in and month out, are those folks here at C5 who consistently MAKE IT HAPPEN. Regardless of what life throws at you, you figure it out and choose results over excuses. Don't think this goes unnoticed, I know who you are, and so does the entire C5 Coaching Staff. 

If you have a spouse (or significant other) at home, this also requires their support. If they are not on the same page as you, or if they do not support your passion(s) and goals, this can lead to some major issues. This is an entirely separate topic that can be a VERY deep rabbit hole. For simplicity of this blog post, just make sure you and your spouse/significant other have open lines of communication around this topic. 

We ALL have 24hrs in a day. We ALL have "stuff" that life throws at us. We ALL have reasons we 'could' use as excuses to not train or focus on our Health & Fitness. But just like one of  my other favorite quotes states; 

We only get one body in this lifetime. It's a CHOICE to honor it, to take care of it, and to ensure you keep it healthy and strong so that you can be the best version of yourself possible. In my humble opinion, our health is our most valuable investment here on earth........don't sell yourself short. 

Just a friendly little reminder today on some awareness around whats important in your life. Are you "finding a way" to make the things happen that are of importance to you, or are you finding an excuse? 

Make it a great Tuesday friends!