Mobility 101


A VERY useful tool that you can utilize to resolve pain, prevent injury, and optimize athletic performance. 

I see many of you taking advantage of this tool and investing time in your body with Mobility practices, be that lacrosse balls, bands, kb handles, foam rollers.....etc.

While this is all wonderful to see, I also see a VERY common mistake being made quite often; there is no warmup happening prior to mobility. 

Let's look at this scenario; 

You've been sitting at your office ALL DAY taking calls and responding to emails. The work day is over and you jump in your car to sit some more and drive 15min to C5. You hop out of your car with 5-10min left before class starts, grab a lacrosse ball and start hammering your shoulder with it against the wall. There is no blood flow in the muscle tissue in that area, it's cold and stiff from doing nothing all day, and now your poking and prodding it with a hard ball. Doesn't sound like you'll get a great response from that does it? 

Imagine this;

You take 6-8min to ride the AirBike/row/jog, or, a combo of all three, get a nice little sweat going, some solid blood and oxygen flow, joints loosen up, muscle tissues loosen up an relax, and THEN, you go to work on your Mobility of choice. 

Next time you come in to "open things up" before you train, make sure you're getting warmed up first, then hit the mobility. Friends don't let friends mobilize cold! 

Not sure what exactly Mobility is? Or need some mobility ideas? 

You can visit MobilityWOD by clicking here

Make it a great Hump Day friends!!