The Importance of Balance in Fitness

Isn't this awesome? In 100 words Greg Glassman, the founder of Crossfit, laid out a guideline that could keep you entertained and healthy for the next 100 years. There is a lot that strikes me when I read through this description of fitness, in fact, I realize new things every time I read it.

But to me, one element sticks out more than the others... Balance.

Both C5 and Crossfit as a whole really value this element of balance in a fitness routine. In this post, I'll cover a few of the reasons why a balanced approach to fitness is so important. 

Balanced Training Helps Prevent Injury

Being a balanced athlete has a dramatic effect on your overall health and resistance to injury. This includes:

  • Balance in your pushing/pulling strength

  • Balance between your right and your left side, upper and lower body

  • Balance in your range of motion

  • Balance in how often you train different energy systems

  • And SO much more...

Imbalances can cause our bodies to compensate for weaker or undertrained muscles, which can and often will lead to injury. So it's important to avoid only doing the things we're good at. If you're really good at handstand push ups but don't have your double-unders or pull-ups yet, then spend time addressing your weaknesses. 

Balance Keeps Life Interesting

Most of us aren't training to go to the 2020 Olympic Games in weightlifting, running, cycling, etc.. So focusing all our time and attention on a specialized area of fitness doesn't make sense. It also happens to be really boring for most.

I'm sure we all remember the days of zoning out on a treadmill with the TV on or our headphones in just counting down until we could move on to something else... Thank goodness we're not still on that treadmill, right? 

For most of us, variety and balanced training are what attracted us to walk through the doors of a Crossfit box for the first time.  

Balanced Fitness Travels

Being truly fit, according to the description provided above, improves your coordination, endurance, strength, agility, stamina, speed, balance, accuracy, flexibility, and power. So you can join a softball league, go paddleboarding, try mountain biking, keep up with your kids, and even help your friends move (only if you want to). 

The point is that balanced fitness produces results that translate outside of the box... 

So, as you begin a new week:

  • Be aware of your imbalances and take small steps start addressing them

  • Embrace the balanced program at C5, even on the days that we're doing things your not good at or things that you like.

  • Try something new.

Happy Monday Everyone!

- Coach Johnny