Schedule Evolution

After a VERY LONG trial period, we will be removing the Tuesday/Thursday 7am class from the schedule as of today.

However, due to the excessive amount of C5 ID (Individual Design) clients at C5, we will be running a new TRIAL for the next 30 days.

From yesterday, November 14th through Friday, December 9th, C5 will be OPEN from 545am til 1015am, Monday - Friday. There will still be a regular 545am class. In addition to that class time, the gym will be open through the 9am class (til 1015am) for anyone (who meets OPEN BOX requirements) to execute their ID work, or class WOD, during that time frame. There will be a C5 Coach onsite to answer questions and direct you if/where needed from 645am-9am.

OPEN BOX requirements: If you would like to workout at any OPEN BOX time, you MUST understand how to properly and effectively warm yourself up for the days specific training session (based on C5 Fitness philosophies), be an experienced athlete who follows our LIFE program, or, be a C5 ID client. If you would like to execute skill work during this time, you MUST have a specific plan, and that plan must be expressed/explained to the onsite C5 Coach.

If you're curious about C5 ID, and/or, a C5 Comprehensive Fitness Assessment, please feel free to email me at, or, you can read more on C5 ID by clicking here