Consistency is King


I recently listed to a podcast about how big changes in our country’s culture and policies are often the result of thousands of little decisions, rather than a few big ones. It was really interesting to hear how incrementally our culture has shifted over the past 100-200 hundred years. The gist of the podcast was this, big changes happen incrementally over long periods of time as a result of consistent effort in a focused direction.

As I was listening I couldn’t help think about how much this concept of incrementalism applies to what we do at C5. 

Every movement of every workout is designed with the rest of the week, month, quarter, and year in mind.. The goal is to have our community arrive at the Crossfit Open as fit as we can possibly be. 

Along the way there are steps each individual needs to take to improve including things like:

  • Getting stronger and more efficient with a barbell
  • Improving aerobic capacity
  • Improving gymnastic movements like pull-ups, muscle ups, and handstand pushups
  • Learning how to recover and increase range of motion

All of these things take time and consistent effort in a focused direction to see improvement.

But maybe you have different goals, like looking good, losing weight, relieving stress, etc… Regardless of what that goal may be, it’s going to take a consistent effort in a focused direction to see improvement.

These things don’t happen overnight, which is why you’ll hear us say “embrace the journey” so often. 

If your goals are important to you, I’m encouraging you to make consistency happen this week. Put in the time to arrange your schedule, plan your meals, recover properly.. Do whatever it takes to be here and make one more step in the right direction. 

I’ll put this as simply as I can…

Wake up today and be .001% better than you were yesterday. Then do that for the next 20 years and you’ll be miles from where you started. 

As a coaching staff we are here to cheer you on and maximize the time you spend chasing your fitness gains.

Looking forward to a great week!

- Johnny