1 : conscious exertion of power : hard work

Today, the C5 program calls for FULL EFFORT. Giving FULL mental and physical effort is not something that comes easy to most as it relates to Fitness specifically. 

It's hard work. It hurts. And quite frankly, for most of you (myself included), it's a place you DON'T look forward to visiting. 

But, if you choose to participate in friendly competitions, high level competitions, or just want to be able to push yourself to the limits, it's a place you need to train and get familiar with. 

The Anaerobic energy system, just like the other energy systems, is something that must be trained progressively. 

Here at C5, we love intelligent design and proper progression in Fitness. If you follow our program consistently, you should be right on track with your progressions in all energy systems. 

Today we move into 40sec of FULL EFFORT work. You will need to be ready to dig deep, to be mentally ready to 'go there' in order to get the full benefits of todays session. 

Enjoy the ride!!!