Do You Even Row?

On December 1st we kicked off our first "Row Through the Holidays" Competition and we've already seen some amazing performances from both the men and women of C5. (You can click here to read the original post).

With more than 250,000 meters already rowed, it's probably a good time to take a second to review proper form while on the rower. 

The video posted below is a little dry, but it highlights several common errors we see on the rower and provides the drills to fix them. 

Some of the most common mistakes we see while rowing (whether it's 500m or 20,000m):

  • Making contact with your chest in the finish position
  • Overreaching in the catch position
  • Pulling with a rounded back/weak core
  • Breaking the arms too early
  • Returning the legs/knees before the hands

Take the time to watch the video and work a few of these drills before your next session on the rower. 

Happy Monday!