From sustainable effort to incremental effort.

Incremental effort in a mixed modal (CrossFit) WOD means that you start slow and then pick up effort/speed along the way. That is what today's intent is for your WOD. 

This "could" look like; 

Round 1: 1:24

Round 2: 1:18

Round 3: 1:13

Round 4: 1:09

Round 5: 1:06

We've been progressing/practicing pacing and the concepts around "moving at a sustainable pace" to complete a workout for pretty much ALL of 2015.  

The next progression phase of this is what you see today; how to move sustainable throughout the majority of the workout and then "have some juice in the tank" to hammer down for your last round (.....or multiple rounds, or multiple seconds or minutes depending on the person). Perhaps a skill that could be useful for The CrossFit OPEN??

Remember, you should be starting your workout smooth and relaxed. Focus on proper breathing, proper mechanics, and staying relaxed. The longer you stay controlled and relaxed, the more success you'll have for that final round of HARD 90% effort! 

Best of luck to you today!