Serious about Fitness

What does it mean to be "serious about Fitness"

For some, you might think of a CrossFit Games athlete. Someone who workouts multiple times in one day. 

Or perhaps it's an appearance thing to you, maybe if someone is "jacked and tan" it means they are serious about their Fitness. 

Or maybe it's a professional sports player who has to stay fit to keep their job. 

Here's something I've realized in my 25+ years of my own personal Fitness Journey and my 4 years as a Fitness business owner/operator; ones level of involvement in Fitness (or seriousness), is all relative to the individual. It's not an appearance, it's not a specific amount of time spent on training per day, it's not 6 pack abs or ripped arms, it's not based on ones performance in a WOD. 

Being serious about your Fitness means you are embracing your journey. You're doing "something" day in, and day out, that is connected to making you a more Fit version of yourself.

Maybe you didn't even make it to the box today but made sure you drank your allotted amount of water. Maybe you focused on your nutrition today and made better food choices. Maybe you only drank one soda instead of 3. Maybe you did some stretching in the office while on break, or heck, maybe even practiced your handstand hold in the break room! 

I want to thank EVERYONE in this C5 community for being SERIOUS about your Fitness! Whether you just started your journey with us, or you've been a committed, loyal member for years. By being a part of the C5 Family, it's clear that you're serious about your fitness! 

How do I know that? 

Because people who aren't serious about their Fitness don't stay here with us. Those who are part of our community, embrace what Fitness is. 

You embrace the challenge, the hard work, the consistency, the variety, the soreness, the recovery, the mobility, the movements, and above all else, you embrace the journey. 

Remember, you don't have to look a certain way or put up a certain number on the whiteboard to be serious about Fitness. You just have to keep showing up, willing to work, willing to stay consistent, and willing to want more for yourself as a human being! Thanks for being serious! 

Make it an AWESOME week of Fitness Friends!!